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Airline leaves patrons blue

BY YVETTE BEST  A SNOWSTORM that is expected to pack at least a foot of snow on several cities in the United States grounded several flights yesterday, leaving thousands of passengers stranded. President of the National Council of Parent-Teacher Associations, Rhonda Blackman, was among those stranded at the John F. Kennedy International Airport after the Barbados-bound JetBlue flight was one of the reported ...

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There is an athlete hiding within you

There is an athlete within all of us.  This may sound a bit corny but it is quite true as corny as it may sound.  Athletic ability does not belong only to those who find it easy to do athletic things.  Athletic ability is in all of us.  The question is are you willing to do what it will take to let that athlete come out? Be not deceived it takes hard work to release the athlete within, but it is fun.  Find ...

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The Effective Contrast between Law and Grace

In Luke’s account of the Gospel we have a story of a very wealthy young man who wanted salvation to make his way into God’s Kingdom.   His question to Jesus was, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”   Jesus loved this young ruler and really wanted him to be saved; so He simply said to the candidate for salvation “Do just what Moses’ law commands; ‘Do not murder, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, ...

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Representatives of the fifteen circuits of the Methodist Church in the Leeward Islands District of the Caribbean and the Americas have been meeting in Anguilla over the past several days. The meeting of the District Council, a smaller group of what has been known as the Synod, was mainly to look at various challenges facing the Church in the region and how to respond to those challenges. Reverend Franklyn M ...

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The power of water in the diet

Water is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, transparent liquid essential to all known forms of life. It is composed of hydrogen and oxygen and is the most abundant macronutrient in the diet. The body is made up of approximately 60 percent water, distributed in the right portions. However, too little water in the body and too much water, both cause problems. The importance of water in the body Water is necess ...

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