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Friends recall desperate search for Ravi

By Carolyn Kissoon Ravindra Ramrattan, the Trinidadian scholar killed in a terror attack at a Kenyan shopping mall last weekend, was preparing for a house warming party when he died. This is according to his friend Charles Opondo, a Kenyan national. Opondo told the Express, "I was not with him at the time, but what I have gathered from other friends is that Ravi had planned a house-warming party for his fri ...

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Parents Rapped For Boycotting PTA Meeting

By Tameika Malone  ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Errant parents whose children were sent home from Pares Secondary School shortly after 8 am Wednesday cannot bank on receiving any comfort from the Ministry of Education. The principal dismissed the third, fourth and fifth formers after they turned up to school without notes from their parents explaining why the adults missed a Parents-Teachers Association meeting the ...

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Anguilla Police Force Strengthened By 13 Recruits

  by anguillian The thirteen new recruits, enlisted into the Royal Anguilla Police Force, have taken up their duties following their return from the Regional Police Training Centre in Barbados where they attended the initial six-month course. Two other recruits returned to the island earlier without completing the training. The recruits, who have brought the membership of the Force to 102, were welcome ...

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Michelle Obama’s ID details hacked from data brokers

The social security numbers of Michelle Obama and many others were stolen from data brokers Hackers stole millions of social security numbers by cracking open the networks of large US data brokers, reveals an investigation. The ID details of US First Lady Michelle Obama and many other famous people were exposed by the hack attack. Journalist Brian Krebs tracked the information back to hackers who ran an onl ...

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Commentary; Whining: Genuine Caribbean dance form or vulgarity?

By Arley Gill Vulgar! It means rude, impolite, bad mannered. Vulgarity often times is used to describe certain aspects of Caribbean culture, not least is the “whine’’.    Whine is defined by a Caribbean dance expert as the thrusting or rotating of the pelvic girdle in a rhythmic pattern. This must be distinguished from the English dictionary’s definition of “whine’’, which refers to a long cry of compl ...

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