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Petitions against LIAT

ST JOHN’S, Antigua- Petitions calling for the removal of the top brass at LIAT have now gained hundreds of signatures. It follows a disastrous summer for the airline with numerous delays and cancellations affecting passengers region wide. One petition named HOLD LIAT Accountable has 415 signatories while a Facebook group for the petition has over 1,500 members. Another petition calls on the prime ministers ...

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Some Vendors Pose Threat To School Safety, Says Cop

National Coordinator of the Safe Schools Programme Sergeant Coleridge Minto is making a strong appeal to schools to inspect vendors who operate on their premises, revealing that they have, to some extent, contributed to violent incidents. The sergeant, who was speaking against the background of the alarming increase in school violence last academic year, said the Safe Schools Branch would be putting measure ...

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Woman, 81, feels ashamed for pulling up dress

By ALEXANDER BRUZUAL Eighty-one-year-old Inez Lewis told the media yesterday that she was ashamed of her behaviour during Monday’s protest in Beetham Gardens. Lewis was featured on the front page of Wednesday’s Newsday holding up her dress as she cried out during the protest. Lewis, speaking to reporters yesterday, recalled she was walking across the roadway, however, police officers on the scene, ordered h ...

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Sarin traces found in Syria chemical weapons attack, British government says

(CNN) -- British military scientists found traces of sarin gas in clothing and soil samples taken from a patient treated for apparent chemical weapons exposure last month near Damascus, Syria, the prime minister’s office said Thursday. Scientists at the Porton Down military laboratory concluded the samples were unlikely to have been faked, and the country is sharing its findings with the United Nations, the ...

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Opening night a great success at Curacao jazz festival

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao -- Blues, soul, rock, pop, jazz and salsa. It was all part of the first night of the fourth edition of the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival (CNSJ). Local singer Kris Berry opened the evening with her sultry Caribbean voice, followed by Toto, Gladys Knight, New Cool Active, Mud Field Tomorrow, Diana Ross, TBA Raphael Saadiq, Sabrina Starke, Marc Anthony and Oumou Sangare. The evening concl ...

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