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When will Brantley stop?

On Tuesday March 5th, the news broke that member for St. Christopher 3 Sam Condor and member for St. Christopher 7 Timothy Harris have joined with Members of the St. Kitts and Nevis Opposition in expressing no confidence in the Prime Minister (PM) Dr. Denzil Douglas. Both Harris and Condor were fielded under the St. Kitts Labour Party and won their seats as Labour representatives. Harris who always seemed d ...

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Yearwoods condemn the notion that airport lands were Crown lands

Mr. Alistair Yearwood, one of the heirs to the lands where the Vance W. Amory (VWA) International Airport is situated in Newcastle, has condemned the notion that the Airport lands were previously purchased by Government, sold at an inflated price, or that the Airport lands were Crown Land. He deemed the notion as false and a deliberate act of propaganda.  Mr. Yearwood in a press release dated the 28th of Fe ...

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Condor and Harris throw weight behind vote of no confidence

Honourable Sam Condor and Timothy Harris of the ruling St. Kitts Labour Party in government,  have joined forces with the St. Kitts and Nevis Opposition members to vote in favour of a Motion of No Confidence, which was instituted by the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly of St. Kitts and Nevis, Hon. Mark Brantley last year. Minsters Condor and Harris made their intentions public weeks after t ...

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Black San contestants set Nevis on fire

Sunshine’s Bar and Grill was transformed from an everyday restaurant to a fashion runway last Sunday as beautiful models adorned in colourful attire lit up the place. Patrons were treated to a stunning display of modelling as models showed off the latest works of local designers. Although the show got off to a late start, patrons were pleased with the amazing designs and styles showcased. The event also sig ...

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Historic Bath Spring receives a facelift

If you happen to drive down to Bath House and notice a number of construction vehicles parked on the ground, or you glimpse a long stretch of beautiful concrete stonewall, it is because one of Nevis’ historic sites, Bath Stream/Hot Spring is undergoing a major makeover. The enhancement project was initiated under the Nevis Reformation Party administration after it requested a grant valued at EC$1,173,409.00 ...

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