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Sister C

The incomparable SISTER C and her ‘Jamboree’ delights you with her wit and jolly personality ON AIR Monday through Friday afternoons with a different music genre daily plus a frolicking good time with games such as ‘Supermarket Sweep’ and ‘Know Your Vehicle’ during which she keeps you ‘jumping up and down’ attracting callers from age 8 to 80.

‘C’ hit the radio waves of CHOICE in 2005, bringing her own unique style with her plus a great knowledge of musical tunes propelling her right into the role of CHOICE Music Director. It’s no secret that she is also known as ‘Singing Carmen’ having competed in Kaiso contests before coming to CHOICE. She, of course, comes by her talent naturally as she is the daughter of Nevisian Cultural Icon, Jogo famous for the Big Drum.

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