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DJ X-Ray

Born Raynaldon Bartlette but popularly known as DJ X-Ray, I am a young, talented, upcoming disc jockey. I began DJing shortly after I started high school but I was officially introduced to the public on Nevis’ premier radio station, Choice FM 105.3 on the 16th September 2010. My mixing skills emerged from a neccesity to have a steady flow of music during my study sessions as I disliked having to constantly pause studying to select a new song. Several of my aunts and uncles recognized my talent and encouraged me to improve my skills, so on weekends I made mixed tapes for my uncle to play in his car. The more I mixed, the more my music library grew, and the more my computer crashed but that did not deter me, instead it made me persistent to become a better DJ.

As a radio personality at Choice FM, my ever-growing fan base primarily across the Caribbean, the USA and England enjoy my joint Home Grown show with DJ Ounce of Flava every Friday from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.



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