A new voters list will be created and should be completed and ready for public introduction within one month of the re-registration deadline [October 4]. One possible consequence of not meeting the re-registration deadline therefore is the exclusion of current registered voter – those registered on the old list – from the new voters list. Those who find themselves in this situation may not be able to vote if a General Election is called.
All information gathered for the purpose of re-registration has being computerized. Although it was announced that after re-confirmation, registered voters will be given ID cards a month after their registration, between the months of January and June there were no ID cards issued. The ID Cards have however become available after the months of June and most if not all persons who have already re-registered has now been issued with their new Cards.
The Supervisor of Elections, Mr. Leroy Benjamin recently noted that the re-registration process applied specifically to persons who are already registered to vote. Once that person presented himself/herself at the Electoral Office, and their identity was confirmed via a valid document such as a passport, social security card, or driver’s license, they were provided and required to complete a form containing relevant questions such as name, date of birth and current address.
Information regarding parents’ names and whether the individual has a twin sibling was also collected to minimize conflicts about a registrant’s identity. All voters had their pictures taken at that time. All of the information has been computerized and compiled into a database.
The National ID Card will serve to identify persons who are casting votes during National Elections. It will also contain critical data that can be used to enhance the provision of social services within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

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