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Earline Pemberton was the best CXC student in the Federation

In an interview in his Lyn Jeffers office, Glasgow described Earline to be an intelligent girl. “She relies on her intelligence to do well. Quite a few students these days benefit from private tuition. Earline relied on her intelligence and diligence. She had no private tutor.”

Glasgow pointed out that although Ealine’s academic gifts are inborn; she did not take the gifts for granted. When Earline joined GSS, she was the youngest in her class. Earline’s sister, Urnesia Pemberton who is in Form 1V A 1 had the best test of standards in Nevis when she was in Grade Six.
Earline and students who took two additional subjects that were not in the timetable benefited from Glasgow’s commitment to students who go an extra mile. He taught these students on Fridays those additional subjects from 4.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m. Glasgow spoke highly of Earline’s class.
He said the 2007/2008 class had ability. He said he believes in challenging students to aim beyond the limit but also creates support systems for them to excel. The timetable in the class allows for eight subjects. Glasgow encourages students to do extra subjects but ensures that they are taught the extra subjects.
Four students sat for additional subjects. Earline (nine distinctions), Careve Williams (seven distinctions) Kirtsiyn Herbert (four distinctions), Arianna Morton (seven distinctions, Simone Hill (eight distinctions).
Asked why girls tend to do better than boys, Glasgow attributed this to upbringing. “Parents are stricter with girls more then they are with boys. Girls stay at home longer hours than boys. Boys are allowed to be out.”
In Earline’s class (5A1) most students were girls. It was a class of 32 students. Glasgow noted that boys in that class did well. He holds the conviction that children on the island are not being challenged enough, “They have ability to excel”.
Asked who had mentored her, Earline said her parents and her uncle, Glasgow. Her mother was the best CXC student in 1982. Glasgow said although Earline is hard working and organized, she is surrounded by academicians, high achievers and professionals in her family circle.
Dr. Telbert Glasgow who has a PHD in Electronic Engineering is the Coordinator of the West Indies Distance Learning Program. He is a former PS and at one time taught Maths at the Nevis Sixth form College. Prior to becoming the PS, Ministry of Social Development in Nevis, her father Pemberton was the Chief Labour Officer in Nevis.
Earline aspires to be a paedtrician. She has already enrolled at the Nevis Sixth Form College where she will pursue her “A” levels. She has selected chemistry, biology and maths and noted the subjects will enhance her dream to become a medical doctor. Her favorite subject is maths.
Earline is known to have a personality and knows that work and no play would make her dull. When it is not exam time, she assists in household chores. She is a member of her Methodist youth choir and is a member of her church’s youth group. She attends the Gingerland Methodist Church. Her favourite hobby is singing.
Asked what advice she could give to young people preparing for exams, she said proper time management skills is important.

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