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Cayon Street heist nets EC$64,000 payroll….

Cayon Street heist nets EC$64,000 payroll for Kier construction workers
BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS March 6th 2017 – Robbers made off with an EC$64,000 payroll for workers on the Park Hyatt construction site.
According to the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, two assailants invaded a Cayon Street residence being used as a “home office” and robbed a male of a sum of money in excess of $64,000.00 EC.
“The money was the payroll for construction workers. No one was injured in the incident,” said a police statement, which did not indicate whether the robbers were masked and or armed. Police said the robbery occurred around 6:30 pm on Thursday 2nd March.
SKNVibes reports that Deputy Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy has disclosed that the payroll was to pay workers employed by KIER Construction Ltd, the company which is contracted to build the Park Hyatt St. Kitts.The spate of robberies continues amidst reports of a near 60 percent increase in crime in 2016 over 2015.
Police report triple and double digit increases in crime.
The total number of reported crimes in 2016 was 1643, compared to 1048 in 2015, with a triple digit increase in shootings and double digits increase in murder, break-ins, larceny, indecent assault, rape, unlawful carnal knowledge, non-firearm wounding, arson and drug-related offences.
The number of homicides increased from 28 to 31 over the comparative period, an increase of over 10%. Breakings increased from 242 in 2015 to 415 in 2016, an increase of over 71%. Larcenies increased by 81%, going from 215 in 2015 to 390 in 2016. The incidences of ‘shooting at with intent’ showed marked increase of 160%, rising from 10 in 2015 to 26 in 2016.
Reported sex crimes including rape, indecent assault and unlawful carnal knowledge also increased by 25%, going from 36 in 2015 to 45 in 2016. Wounding by firearms fell sharply from 15 in 2015 to 5 in 2016, a decrease of 66%, while wounding by other means rose by 65%, from 69 in 2015 to 114 in 2016.
Drug offences, namely possession, trafficking, importation of illegal drugs, went from 204 in 2015 to 275, an increase of 34%. Malicious damage and arson almost doubled in 2016, going from 86 in 2015 to 167 in 2016, up 94%. Offences under the category of other crimes also rose from 29 in 2015 to 47 in 2016. The number of robberies decreased by 12%, falling from 65 in 2015 to 57 in 2015.

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