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All Christians Must Be Prepared To Give A Reason For The Hope They Have

All Christians Must Be Prepared To Give A Reason For The Hope They Have

The two Apostles who experienced their risen Saviour on the road to Emmaus became so full of knowledge from His teaching that impacted their lives that they were immediately given a reason for their belief in the risen Christ.

Jesus Who caught up with the two travelers to Emmaus spoke at length on Who He is.  The Apostles drank the knowledge all in.   When they arrived at their home, they wanted more of what Christ was offering; so they invited Him to continue the instructions.   After they were willed, it was meal time.    The meal culminated the entire exercise.   Jesus finally revealed to those two just Who was captivating them on the road and imparted the mysterious strength both on the road and in the house (see Luke 24:30-31). Then he disappeared!

When Jesus disappeared, the two understood why He did not stay with them any longer.   Remember they had persuaded Him to stay with them because it was night (see 29).     His departure gave them dexterity to carry the Gospel to the others.   Remember they requested Jesus to stay with them because the day was almost over.   When Jesus left, the men forgot that it was now night.   They were not weary anymore; they sprang to their feet and went straight to Jerusalem to deliver the “joyful news” that Jesus is alive.   He is risen; they walked, talked, broke bread and saw Him.

The others received the two brothers with much joy and their news was to them as the water that Jesus gave to the Samaritan woman at the well from which those of her village shared (see John 4:28-42).   After this refreshing joyful news the rest of the brothers had a Gospel to proclaim; and the early Christians became on fire for Christ and continued the proclamation.   Jesus, made this fact known to John when He said, “I pray …for those who believe in Me because of their message” (John 17:20).   In other words, Jesus says to all His children, make a significant difference with the Gospel in the life of all with whom you come into contact, so that they too will be witnesses for Him.

God has given to each of us talents and His grace to be successful in His Kingdom building.   These talents ought to be used wisely for the perfection of the body of Christ.   Thus, Christ is saying to all Christians, use your spirituality in a manner which will forget self and bring honour to others so that they become believers.

Our forebears never held back any portion of God’s Word to promote themselves; rather, they testified of what they had seen and heard.   That which they had seen and heard was so profound that they made it clear to the authorities where their loyalty resided; in obeying God over man and that they were not going to stop speaking the message concerning what they had both seen and heard (Acts 4:19-20).

The Gospel has no beginning neither has it an end.   It is Jesus Who told John,  I am the Alpha and the Omega; that is, I have no beginning and no end (see Rev. 1:8), for before Abraham was I Am (John 8:58-59).

As the two on the Emmaus road found hope when they encountered the risen Lord, they had a message and returned at once to Jerusalem and told it.   We Christians have good reason to tell of our hope with the Gospel message we are entrusted with.


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